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Sea Animals name in english with hindi meaning
Sea Animals
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Wild Animals Name
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Body Parts Name
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Flowers Name
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Birds Name
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Domestic Animals Name
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Welcome Shiv English Education

Shiv English Education is to learn english online free through Hindi. This website contains English vocabulary words for different topics, daily use english words,daily use English sentences. It is very useful for those who want to learn from Hindi to English or English to Hindi.

On this website, there are various English vocabulary list topics like wild animals name in Hindi and English, pet animals name in Hindi and English, birds name in English and Hindi, names of flowers in English, human body parts name in English, weather vocabulary, jobs and occupations in English and Hindi, daily use vocabulary words and many many more.

It is free learn english online who are keen to improve their English through the Hindi language. You are going to learn all vocabulary and sentences from Hindi to English. So, it is very helpful whose first language is Hindi.

Learning English can be done in a huge variety of ways, from listening to native speakers and immersing yourself in day-to-day conversations through to written exercises. You can improve your English in lots of ways but we provide here to increase your vocabulary list with Hindi meaning and images. We also provide very important daily use sentences to learn English speaking.

Learn english online -Vocabulary (Daily use English words)

Well, the vocabulary part contains different types of topics like animals(Wild animals, pet animals, insects, birds, sea animals, amphibians, reptiles, etc.), flowers, fruits, vegetables, human body parts, weather, jobs and occupations, shapes, sports, musical instruments, types of whole spices, household vocabulary, action verbs, public places, zodiac sign names, dry fruits, nuts and seeds, colors, antonyms, basic vocabulary, daily use vocabulary words, etc. with meaningful pictures.

Therefore, this part is very important for kids as well as for adults who want to improve their vocabulary to speak English in their daily routines.

daily use english sentences conversations – Sentences Section

Daily uses of English sentences play a very important role in our daily life to speak English very well with confidence. Without sentences, we are not able to speak confidently in front of anyone.

In this section, we are going to learn about the daily use of sentences and vocabulary words with meaning and sentences. This is very important and helpful who are keen to speak English fluently in their everyday life. You will learn how to speak English in your routine with your friends and family and get confidence. English fluently in their everyday life. You will learn how to speak English in your routine with your friends and family and get confidence.

learn english online free – Worksheets

Every person needs the practice to check their knowledge so we provide worksheets for you to assess your knowledge after learning.

Because we can’t remember properly if we don’t do practice well. So, download the worksheet and check your knowledge.

Let’s deep dive in VOCABULARY SECTION

wild animals vocabulary / wild animals names in English

Wild animals are animals that live in the wild. This includes, forests, deserts, wastelands, seas, river, oceans, mountains, and even in the sky. We know so much about these animals due to our curiosity and science as well as back-upp knowledge which helped us get experiments in place to see how these animals reacted. Wild animals are basically animals that are not supposed to be in homes of ordinary people who know what they are doing. They can be either very dangerous to humans, or just a little too exotic for comfort. There are lots of wild animals all around the world and have lots of amazing abilities which help them survive in their natural environment. Let’s explore a little deeper, but actually, before we do, let’s look at some of these famous and amazing wild animal names.


1.Lion 2.Tiger 3.Elephant 4.Deer 5.Bear 6.Leopard 7.Jaguar 8.Cheetah 9.Jackal 10.Cyote 11.Wolf 12.Giraffe 13.Zebra 14.Gorilla 15.Monkey 16.Kangaroo 17.Dingo 18.Rhinoceros 19.Hyena 20.Wild Dog 21.Hippopotamus 22.Panda 23.Red Panda 24.Racoon 25.Mongoose 26.Hedgehog 27.Mink 28.Ferret 29.American Badger 30.Honey Badger 31.Porcupine 32.Platypus 33.Bison 34.Wildebeast 35.Chimpanzee 36.Gibbon 37.Nilgai 38.Antelope 39.Gazelle

Okay, that was a pretty long list of wild animals! But, as I said, there are thousands, if not millions more of them, from an ant to a whale, you do have a pretty long list. Alright, If you want to learn more about wild animals, just go to this link below the text. We also have a video of wild animal names on our channel, so don’t forget to check it out! You will also find the video in the link. On our website, we have lots of different topics for you to learn as well. Thank You for reading!

Domestic animals vocabulary / domestic animals names

Domestic animals, or pet animals are animals that have either domesticated (that means have gone from wild to domestic and are able to live alongside humans and not hurt them) by evolution, or just by humans. Dogs domesticated from wolves, cats domesticated from the Feledae family, and many more. Domestic animals are not only animals that we keep in farms, but also our pets. Exotic pets like snakes, lizards, gators, lynxes (I’m not sure which human or humans on this world would like to keep these animals as pets anyways) and other wild and exotic animals, even if they stay in your home, they don’t count. They have to have the instinct not to hurt humans. But that doesn’t mean you can’t domesticate a tiger, or any of these though! For domestication, you need to gain trust and increase the bond between you two. Anyways, though domestic animals are a little more gentle than wild animals, this doesn’t mean that they are boring. Many domestic animals have amazing abilities that are extraordinary! Let’s dive a bit more deep into domestic animals, but before that, let’s take a look at different domestic animals and their names!


1.Dog 2.Cat 3.Goat 4.Sheep 5.Chicken 6.Donkey 7.Horse 8.Camel 9.Cow 10.Buffalo 11.Rabbit 12.Bunny 13.Pig 14.Squirrel 15.Rat 16.Mouse 17.Hamster 18.Goose 19.Yak 20.Llama 21.Guinea pig 22.Parrot 23.Goldfish

Okay, that was a long list. There are loads and loads of domestics animals, millions to the top, and because of that, I only listed the obvious ones and most famous ones. Alright, let’s rap that up and keep going. Oh, yes, when I said let’s dive deeper into domestic animals, here is a link to our website. Read the article, which may be about 700 to 1000 words long (sorry, but you can actually read different sections if you want. They are split up) then watch the video that we put together fr you at the bottom. Thanks again!

Birds vocabulary / Bird names

Birds are animals that can fly. Some bird can reach an altitude of the hight of the highest mountain in the world, and actually, the highest mountain in the world is not Everest! It is Mauna Kea! Though it is below sea level and really the tallest volcano, its total length is 10,000 meteres taller than mount Everest! M. Everest lost 10 nil! Nah, I’m just kidding. Back to the birds though. Many birds migrate south in winter to find more food since they don’t hibernate. Their flying ability helps them cover long distances in a few seconds! The fastest animal as well as bird on the planet is the peregrine falcon, exceeding 380 kph when stooping (diving with wings tucked in)! Many birds can’t fly as well. Such as the penguin and the ostrich. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t do anything special. Ostrich are the largest bird in the world, lay the largest eggs in the world, as well as the ability to outrun a lion! Penguins on the other hand are more built fro swimming and belly sliding on the ice in the cold ❄ temperatures of the arctic. Ok, if you would like to learn a million more about birds, there is going to be a link right at the bottom – underneath the last line. But first, let’s see some names of the birds living on earth. Of course, these are the obvious ones, but there are millions and millions of bird species all around the globe, and we can’t list them all. So we just took a few names and put together a little list for you to read.


1. Sparrow 2. Pigeon 3. Crow 4. Owl 5. Peacock 6. Eagle 7. Parrot 8. Vulture 9. Ostrich 10. Cuckoo 11. Nightingale 12. Swan 13. Duck 14. Cock 15. Crane 16. Kingfisher 17. Robin 18. Woodpecker 19. Chicken 20. Mynah 21. Quail 22. Weaver Bird 23. Kiwi 24. Roller 25. Humming Bird 26. Peewit 27. Kite 28. Falcon 29. Hawk 30. Partridge 31. Swallow

So, those were bird names for you right there. As I said above, there are lots of birds in this world and we can’t name every single one of them, but we did our best to list some of them. So that the end of it! Here is a link to our websie were you will find some more information about birds, and before you go, don’t forget to check out our youtube channel! Thanks!

Vegetables vocqbulary / Vegetable names

Vegetables are nutritious food that we eat, or we should eat every day. They give us the nutrition and the protein we need, as well as some energy for running, jumping, walking, scanning, and other physical acts. Vegtables come in various different types, from green to pink, you can find a lot of different and healthy vegetables. And, just if you didn’t know, a tomato is not a vegetable, it has recently been classified as a fruit instead of a vegetable. Alright, now that we know some basic knowledge about vegetables, lets look at some of the most famous vegetable names and mmost recognised of the vegetable family. If you have any other questions, then please inform us or go to our website where I will have wrote an amazing article all about vegetables and everything you, or I and everybody else knows about them. But first, let’s look at the list. The page will be linked below the last line. Thank you!


1. Cauliflower 2. Cabbage 3. Carrot 4. Capsicum 5. Turnip 6. Spinach 7. Radish 8. Pumpkin 9. Potatoes 10. Green peas 11. Onions 12. Garlic 13. Cumcumber 14. Corn 15. Sweet corn 16. Broccoli 17. Beetroot 18. Celery 19. Artichoke 20. Lettuce 21. Mushroom 22. Parsely 23. Coriander 24. Ladies Finger 25. Cluster beans 26. Eggplant 27. Bottlegourd 28. Sweet Potato 29. Green Chillie 30. Bitter Gourd 31. Drumstick 32. Curry Leaves 33. Ginger 34. Fenugreek Leaves 35. Asparagus 36. Rich Gourd 37. Pointed Gourd 38. Spince Gourd 39. Red Cabbage 40. Green Mustard 41. Cowpea Beans 42. Broad Beans 43. French Beans 44. Runner Beans 45. Peppermint 46. Apple Gourd 47. Lotus Cucumber 48. Taro root 49. Gooseberry 50. Water Chestnut 51. Spring onion 52. Elephant foot yam 53. Ivy Gourd

So those were the vegetable names. Thank you so much for reading, and, as I said above, Don’t forget to check out our website and channel Shiv English Education. Thanks Again! Byeeeee!

Flowers Vocabulary / Flower Names:

Flowers are those beautiful flowers with the sweet smells that freshen up your day, correct? Well, kind off because many flowers don’t smell that nice and certainly don’t freshen up everything. When we say pollinating flowers or something similar to that with the word pollinate in it we mean when a flower’s pollen is transferred to another plant so that it can reproduce. You see, plants use pollen for reproducing, but when the pollen isn’t needed, spreading it to other flowers so that they can reproduce is a great way to spread the flower population all around the word. Pollination is the name of the process, and pollinators are animals or plants that do the pollinating, such as bees. Anyways, flowers are amazing, meaning that there is a lot to learn about them. But before I give you the link or key to dive deeper into flowers, here is a list of flower names that may help you.


1. Rose 2. Lotus 3. Jasmine 4. Daisy 5. Daffodil 6. Marigold 7. Sunflower 8. Hibiscus 9. Thorn Apple 10. Oleander 11. Mangolia 12. pink Rose 13. Lily 14. Night-Blooming jasmine 15. Poppy 16. Tulip 17. Pandanus 18. Orchid 19. Mogra 20. Water lily 21. Aster

So those were some flower names for you in English. As I said, I am going to give you a link below this paragraph which will fly you to our amazing website “Shiv English Education”. Also, don’t forget to check out our channel shiv English education as well. Thanks for reading! And, oh! Here is the link!

Human Body Names or Human Body Vocabulary with Pictures in English and Hindi

The human body is amazing. We were made to do amazing things, and because of this, we are different to many animals around the world. We walk upright, don’t have a tail, have a unique shaped face which is different for every human body part has its own use. But some have just wore off with remains, such as a bone at the back of our hip which show a little bone that had the use of tails in the olden days, proving the fact that we are apes even more. Hands are used fro grabbing, holding, blancing, writing, waving, gestures, and other things. Legs for physical activity, mostly when we need to move such as running, jumping, walking, and sports. Hair protects our head, the skeletal system keeps us from being a blobfish, the chest holds the ribs which protects the heart and lungs, and many more. Before we dive into the human body science, lets have a quick list of human body parts which will help you along.


1. Body 2. Face 3. Hair 4. Eyes 5. Eyebrows 6. Eyelashes 7. Forehead 8. Ear 9. Cheek 10. Mouth 11. Jaw 12. Lip 13. Teeth 14. Nose 15. Tongue 16. Chin 17. Chest 18. Stomach 19. Arm 20. Hand 21. Shoulder 22. Thumb 23. Finger 24. Palm 25. Neck 26. Leg 27. Knee 28. Ankle 29. Foot 30. Toes 31. Heel 32. Head 33. Back 34. Waist 35. Foot Sole

So that was a list of nearly all of the human body parts. As I said above, I am going to give you a link to send you like a mail into our website Shiv English Education. We also have a channel by the same name, so don’t forget to check that out as well. Alright, that’s it for now! Oh, yes, here is the link to our website. And don’t forget our youtube channel! Thanks again! Keep Learning! Bye! (Sorry, I guess that was a bit too much. But BYE!).

Happy learning!! – daily use english sentences conversations

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