11 Ways to Say Sorry In English & Hindi

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Hello friends, let’s learn different ways to say “SORRY” in English and Hindi. Here we have some new different ways to upgrade our style of saying sorry for our mistakes. We are here with”11 Ways to SAY Sorry In English & Hindi”. “. In this artical , you are going to learn around 11 Ways to SAY Sorry In English & Hindi which are helpful in day to day life to speak in English easily.

What is the meaning of SORRY?

The word “sorry” is an expression used to convey regret, remorse, or an apology for a perceived wrongdoing or a mistake. It is a way of acknowledging that you feel sorry for the consequences or the impact of your actions on someone else.

Saying “sorry” demonstrates empathy and a desire to make amends or to show understanding for the hurt or inconvenience caused. It is an important social gesture that helps to mend relationships, resolve conflicts, and demonstrate accountability for one’s actions.

Why you should say sorry to others?

Apologizing or saying sorry to others is important for several reasons:

1. Acknowledging responsibility: When you say sorry, you take ownership of your actions or behavior that may have caused harm, inconvenience, or hurt to someone else. It shows that you recognize your role in the situation and accept responsibility.

2. Demonstrating empathy: Saying sorry demonstrates empathy and understanding for the other person’s feelings. It shows that you recognize the impact your actions had on them and that you genuinely care about their well-being.

3. Promoting reconciliation: Apologizing can help mend relationships and promote reconciliation. It opens up the opportunity for dialogue, understanding, and healing. By expressing remorse, you show a willingness to make amends and rebuild trust.

4. Respecting others’ feelings: When you say sorry, you validate the other person’s feelings and experiences. It shows that you respect their emotions and acknowledge the impact of your actions on them, even if it was unintentional.

5. Personal growth and learning: Apologizing allows for personal growth and learning from your mistakes. It gives you an opportunity to reflect on your actions, understand the consequences, and make changes to avoid similar situations in the future.

Overall, saying sorry is a way to demonstrate your respect, empathy, and accountability towards others, and it can contribute to healthier relationships and improved communication.

11 Different Ways To SAY Sorry In English & Hindi

 1)  मैंने जो किया उसके लिए मुझे खेद है कृपया मुझे क्षमा करें।

I regret what I did please forgive me.

 2) फोन न करने के लिए मैं तहे दिल से माफी मांगती हूं।

I sincerely apologize for not calling earlier.

 3) मैंने जो भी कहा उसके लिए मैं कसूरवार हूं। आशा है आप दिल पे नहीं लगाएंगे

I feel extremely guilty about what I said. Hope you did not mind it.

 4) इतना कठोर होने के लिए मुझे क्षमा करें।

Pardon me for being so rude.

 5) माफ़ कीजियेगा लेकिन मैं आपकी मदद नहीं कर सकती

I’m afraid, I can’t help you

 6) आपसे दोबारा बात करने में देरी करने के लिए में माफ़ी चाहती हु

My apologies for the delaying getting back to you.

 7) मैंने जो कहा उसके लिए मुझे क्षमा करें, में आपको दुःख नहीं पहोचाना चाहती थी

Forgive me for what I said, I didn’t intend to hurt you.

 8) मैं आपसे क्षमा चाहती हूँ।

I beg your pardon

 9) रुकावट के लिए माफ़ कीजियेगा

Excuse me for interrupting

Basic ways to say sorry in English to others?

1. “I’m sorry.” (The most straightforward and common way to apologize.)

2. “I apologize.” (A formal way of expressing remorse.)

3. “I’m really sorry for…” (Specify the action or behavior for which you are apologizing.)

4. “I want to apologize for…” (Expresses your intention to make amends.)

5. “Please forgive me.” (Requesting forgiveness for your actions.)

6. “I regret…” (Expressing genuine remorse for your behavior.)

7. “I’m so sorry for any inconvenience I’ve caused.” (Apologizing for any inconvenience caused.)

8. “I apologize for my mistake.” (Acknowledging a specific error on your part.)

9. “I didn’t mean to…” (Explaining that your actions were unintentional.)

10. “I’m really sorry. It won’t happen again.” (Assuring the person that you will make an effort to avoid repeating the same mistake.)

Remember, it’s important to accompany your words with sincerity, a genuine desire to make amends, and a willingness to change your behavior if necessary.

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