Colors Names with Hindi meaning/ रंगो के नाम

Colors Names with Hindi meaning

Colors Names with Hindi meaning

We provide here list of Colors Names with Hindi meaning. Hopefully, this article would be helpful to increse your knowledge about All Colour name. You will learn Colours name Vocabulary words or you can say list of colors Vocabulary in English and Hindi with pictures.

Colors are what makes up our everyday lives. It’s what helps us see things in a color. They are lots of different colors that people have named and made. The basic colors, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, and lots more are basically what makes up a rainbow. Well, nearly. Anyways, there are also lots of colors such as violet and brown. But the thing is, as in my opinion, that black is not a color. Now don’t ask me what black is then, but I just know that scientifically black is not a color.

It doesn’t match with any color and no color actually make black if you think of it. But, yes, we still have made literal black in paints and colors. Did you know that no animal can be blue? Yes! If you cut of the reflection and the light you will see it is actually some other color such as violet! Pretty cool, right?

color vocabulary list names In English-Hindi (रंगों के नाम)

Alright, were getting a bit off topic here, I guess. So, let’s just start with how we see colors. How do we even see things anyways? Well, light bounces off a particular object then travels from that object into different directions, and into our eyes. Then, the light creates a picture of the objects. At first, it is black and white, but our sense of sight is really fast so we don’t notice it.

When the picture gets to the back of the eye in a flash, it gets to the retina, which is like a mirror. The retina turns the picture upside down but before the picture goes to the brain for check-ups (if that’s what you want to call it) is gets colored according to the color cones in our eyes.

These color cones help us see in color. Then the picture travels all the way to the brain, which then gets right-side up and projects it into something we can see. As I said, it happens really fast, so we don’t notice most of it. But this process does get a little slow when you move your head side-to-side quite fast and the picture gets blurred.

list of colors names in Hindi and English

Color blindness. Color blindness is something many people and children suffer from. It happens sometimes due to the lack of cones or the problem with seeing light. It can be passed on from generation like glasses and eye numbers. If someone from your family has color blindness, it’s not going to be very surprising if you have it too. Some people have color blindness form birth whereas some people get it when they are a little older.

Primary colors. There are three primary colors in paint, which are Red, Blue, and Yellow. These colors create every other color when mixed. There are then the colors of light, Red, Blue and Green. The colors in light when mixed together can create every other color in light. Nice! You can also mix colors. When mixing colors in paint, you take one color and squeeze on another color onto it. Then, you mix it like your mixing cake batter. Then, you get a different color.

The kind-off same goes to light. When you shine one colored torch – let’s say blue, and you shine another torch – let’s say red – onto the first torch’s light, then you should get something like a deep purple or something like that. Cool! Colors can be interesting.

Colors Vocabulary Word List

Remember when I was saying black was not a color? Well, some people say it is actually made in the absence of colors. So, depending on how you think of it, Black could be a color – or not. Here are some fun little color facts for you that you just might not know.

1. A polar bear’s smooth white fur is white, but a polar bears skin is actually black in color (or not in color – depending on how you think of it, as I dais before (again))

2. The chameleon is maybe the most famous reptile that can change its color! It can also move its eyes independently in different directions! Amazing!

3. America’s favorite color is blue! Really!

4. The first color a baby sees it red. After all, red is the color of the inside of the womb!

5. A baby zebra’s stripes in the first few months of its life is Brown and white – not black and white!

So, those were 5 amazing color facts that I have found out. It is pretty amazing that we have a lot to learn about colors, so I can’t fit everything in one article. Some people can actually see shapes and number in individual colors as well! How cool! Did you know that women have 2 more color cones than men – violet and pink? But who cares? Anyways, I guess that’s it for this article. Thank you so much if you read it all the way through. And I hope this article gave you some more facts about these amazing colors. Thanks for reading again! Bye! See you in my next article.

Colours name Vocbylary Words in English and Hindi with Images

1)  Red



2)  Yellow



3)  Orange



4)  Green



5)  Cyan



6)  Blue



7)  Navy Blue

गहरा नीला

Navy Blue

8)  Violet



9)  Pink



10)  Purple



Popular Colors Words From A-Z

11)  Gray



12)  Brown



13)  White



14)  Black


Advanced English Vocabulary Words for Colors

15)  Golden



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Colors names with hindi meaning and images
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