Diwali Words Vocabulary/ दिवाली की शब्दावली

Diwali vocabulary words

Diwali Words in English with Hindi meaning

We provide here list of Diwali Vocabulary words in English with Hindi meaning. Hopefully, this article would be helpful to increse your knowledge about Diwali Day and How to celebrate it. You will learn Diwali vocabulary words or you can say list of Diwali Vocabulary in English and Hindi with pictures.

What is Diwali?

Diwali also known as Deepawali.
Diwali is festival of lights and joy. It is most important and festival of hope and victory over negativity in India. it is mostly celebrated in India by Hindus, Sikhs and also Jains. Now not only in India but Diwali is celebrated worldwide. There is belief that Diwali brings light of hope to overcome our darkness or negativity.

Diwali Vocabulary list in English for Kids

In India people celebrate Diwali 5 days in a row. They put lamp made of clay (Mitti Dipak) in row and light them. They used to do puja of Mata Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth) and also buy Gold or silver (Dhan) on Dhanteras. They eat sweets and wear new clothes. They used to make Rangoli with different colors in front of their houses. They all decorate their houses by lantern and Garland. They all celebrate Diwali by firecrackers and lights.

India is very rich in culture. There are so much diversities in different part of India. they all celebrate Diwali in many different ways in all over India.

Story behind celebrating Diwali:

There are many different stories or myth behind celebrating Diwali. But one of the important stories in Hindu mythology is- Diwali is that day when Hindu God Lord Rama, his wife Devi Sita and brother Lakshmana return to their homeland after 14 years in exile. On that day the villagers or people of Ayodhaya light the path with so many lamps in row in happiness of Lord Rama coming back after this much years, and also he had defeated the demon king Ravana.

Another story behind celebrating Diwali in Hindu mythology is that Diwali is that day when Lord Krishna defeated the demon called Narakasura and made people of his kingdom free. After he defeat the demon, Lord Krishna declared that day as day of festival. In some parts of India, people burn effigies of the demon kings (Ravana and Narakasura) in both stories to burn negativity in their lives and also part of the celebration.

In Diwali people also celebrate and worship Hindu Goddess Lakshmi during Diwali. As she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity and also fertility, one of the Diwali story or myth says that she chose Lord Vishnu, one of Hind’s most important Lord, as her husband on the night of Diwali.

In many cultures in India, Diwali also consider or coincide with harvesting and new year celebrations. Whatever may be Diwali story that your belief, it is always a day of new beginnings and light over darkness and hope.


Diwali is festival of light. it is considering as national holiday in India. it is biggest and most important festival of India. Diwali spreads happiness to the houses and hearts of people. This festival spread the message of bonding and togetherness. This is the festival that brings hope, success and fortune.

Diwali is mostly consider to be the festival of lights and lamps. It is considered as the day of light and the lamp of power, fortune, success and virtues within us. Every day of this five days of this joyful festival teaches us something valuable and has a significant purpose. It is mostly believed or myth that Diwali is the day when the Hindu Goddess of prosperity and wealth, Maa Lakshmi travels to the Earth and bless the people or spread happiness, wealth, success and prosperity. People used to wear new clothes and worship or do puja of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on this day. This day is the Special day for Lakshmi Pujan (worship).

So, let’s learn some new and amazing Diwali vocabulary in both English and Hindi language. Hopefully, you will enjoy and learn something new on this page as well as on this website. So, Let’s start.

Using this list of diwali items, you can also help to create diwali essay for kids very easily.

Diwali vocabulary Words in English and Hindi with Images

1)  Diwali (Festival of lights)

दिवाली (दीपों का त्योहार)


2)  Lamp / clay lamp

दीपक / मिट्टी का दीपक


3)  Incense stick


Incense Stick

4)  Camphor



5)  Betel Nut



6)  Holy Rituals


Holy Rituals

7)  Holy offerings


Holy offerings

8)  Basil Leaves

तुलसी के पत्ते

Basil Leaves

Diwali vocabulary words

9)  Gangajal / Holy Water



10)  Holy Plate

पूजा थाली

Holy Plate

Popular Diwali Words From A-Z

11)  Goddess



12)  God

भगवान / देव


13)  Auspicious Time

शुभ मुहूर्त

Auspicious Time

14)  Priest



15)  Candles



16)  lantern



17)  Garland

माला / तोरण


18)  Sweets



19)  Overcrowded



20)  Decoration



21)  Flame

ज्योति / लौ


22)  Urn



Diwali words a-z

23)  Exile



24)  Wealth

धन / दौलत


25)  Diwali wishes

दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं

Diwali wishes

26)  Rangoli



27)  Firecrackers



28)  Pollution free crackers/ Green crackers

प्रदूषण रहित पटाखे


29)  Pea Crackers

मुर्गा छाप पटाखा


30)  Bass Bomb / Twine Bomb

आलू बम / सुतली बम

Bass Bomb

31)  Fountain cracker

अनार पटाखा

Fountain cracker

32)  Sparklers



33)  Galaxy Sparklers


Galaxy Sparklers

34)  Chain of firecrackers

पटाखों की लड़ी


35)  Rocket



36)  Colour Matchbox

रंगीन माचिस

Colour Matchbox

37)  Pencil Torch


Pencil Torch

Diwali vocabulary words

38)  Burst the crackers

पटाखे फोड़ना


39)  Twinkling Star

दोरी / रस्सी

Twinkling Star

40)  Roll Caps


Roll Caps

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